Items of Social Debate.

There are many questions & issues our young people and future leaders need to understand, and one of the best ways to develop that understanding is informed, vigorous debate.
As a resource for such debate, we are endeavoring to collate an ‘essential thousand’ issues and provide the introductory points to stimulate the research and debate necessary to ensure our future leaders are Political Masters rather than Politically Naive!

If you are a Doctor of any of the ‘Demos’ fields (Civil, Social, Political) you are most welcome to contribute to this collation.
We are looking for..
*  The 100 worst civil calamities caused by poor leadership.
*  The top 100 ways to exasperate our nation.
*  Items of ‘cause and effect’ relevant to the fall of great civilizations.

Many of these statements are “Devils Advocate” in nature.
Some of these “statements of fact” are actually half-truths! (Research will identify them.) (Students need to be aware that “A half truth is more dangerous than a full lie”)

+ As a chapter subject..
The historical maxim of civilizations is that they ALL FAIL and are destroyed! There have been very few exceptions.. Why do they fail and why do we have absolute faith that ours will never fall?
>Most civilizations are brought down by the effects of affluence.
Fundamentally, most humans can’t handle affluence.
The ‘Affluence spiral” includes the following symptoms.
Fathers being too busy (chasing affluence) to teach sound values to their children.
Young children believing affluence is their right, and expecting reward without effort.
Teens despising their parents sacrifices and work ethics. To them, image and self-gratification are more important than self-sacrifice or a regular job! (which might interfere with their game-time)
A despising of the sound advice or values of Grandparents!
Obsessive desire for entertainment and a zero interest in self-sacrifice leads to an epidemic of selfishness! This creates a whole generation of young people not fit or willing to be life-partners or parents, and an epidemic of divorce and breakdown of the family unit.
Yesterday’s Japanese boy would sell his soul to become a Samurai and defend the land! Today’s youth sell their soul for a ‘cool’ image, a fast car, a winning lottery ticket!

In all the ‘1000+ year’ civilizations, the common folk were never affluent!
In early China and Japan, only the lords and warriors were allowed to taste affluence.
For the many aboriginal nations, affluence was not possible because they were not cultured (not agri-cultured) They were nomadic, hunter-gatherers.
Note.. The word ‘culture’ means “a plow”. ‘Cultured’ means “they plow”, and therefore will have libraries, craft industries and universities. None of those ‘culture’ items are possible without agri-culture. You can’t drag a printing press as you follow the buffalo migration!

+ Why has China been stable for a thousand years?
It was not because of altruism or enlightenment. It was the result of a clever strategy initially involving incredible brutality, unprecedented slaughter and absolute oppression!  Hitler was very impressed by the Chinese “1000 year Reich” and believed that ‘End’ obviously justified those ‘Means’.
Interestingly, the “1000 year Reich” concept comes from the Bible, and the Biblical version is also initiated with incredible brutality, unprecedented slaughter and absolute suppression of dissention!

+ Why have most aboriginal ‘civilizations’ stayed stable for a 1000 years? And, would have likely remained so - until we came along!

+ So many thought Communism was the ultimate system! Why did it fail?
+ So many consider “Profit” and “Entrepreneur” to be evil concepts!  Yet we would be so disadvantaged without them!