Women on the Front Line?

The proclivity for mankind to start wars and to even relish warfare is a tragedy.
A soldier must be able to "kill a terrified teenager". He must be able to look into their eyes and still put the knife in.
As illustrated in the movie "Bridge on the river Kwai", even one soldier hesitating to shoot a terrified boy (in uniform, with a gun) can cost the lives of the whole platoon.
It is horrifying that most male soldiers CAN do this!
It is more horrifying that some women WANT to be allowed to do this!
The only explanation is they are not thinking like a Mother but rather like a young boy who think it would be fun to be a Soldier.

The evidence from the battle field is heavily against women being on the front line..
1. Most women will hesitate to "Shoot the terrified boy" (Bridge on the river Kwai") - and as a result, the mission fails.
2. On a Jungle stealth mission - Most men are speechless when impaled or shot thru, most women will make a noise - and again, the mission fails. (and everyone dies) Most women will even make a noise if a large spider gets on their face.  Strangely, father Evolution designed womens voice-box to work automatically when injured - and males to not work at all.
3. In a sinking ship, women have great difficulty closing the compartment hatch (to save the ship) when their friends are still in there and will drown. Sadly, most men CAN do this without much hesitation.
4. Males, with their 'infernal' one-track mind, can concentrate on co-ordinate calculations while bullets are hissing past their head! Women, with their multi-track awareness, can see the insaneness of the situation and will not be able to do the math. That is also why there are no female pilots on Jumbo Jets. With the plane out of control and only seconds from impact, men can still 'do the math'. Women typically loose that ability as soon as they realize "we might all be going to die".
5. Women on the front line can lead to romantic attachments. Romantic distractions are absolutely deadly in warfare. There is zero chance that one lover could shut the hatch and drown the other lover! Even Fathers and Sons are discouraged from serving on the same ship for this reason.
There has never been, and never will be, a General who thinks that romantic attachments are an acceptable risk in warfare. (Only naive, politically correct politicians.)

The deadly nature of romantic attachments is also the reason homosexuals should not be on the front line. Most Gays are gentle, caring folk.. Warfare is Hell.. Why would they even want to train at killing other young men???
Perhaps they are trying to prove they are just as "good" as straights? And the killing bit hasn't dawned on them yet?
Even the "Don't ask - Don't tell" policy is foolishness..
Women or Gays in battle will ALWAYS lead to romantic attachments.. And those emotions will ALWAYS put the lives of everyone on the front line at risk.