The Value of Public Debate.

There are many questions & issues our young people and future leaders need to understand, and one of the best ways to develop that understanding is informed, vigorous debate.

Informed Public Debate requires pre-informed citizens.. You may learn much from a great debate, but you can't contribute to one without being educated on the various issues and points of contention. And, that 'education' requires that your 'facts' be forged by time & experience into 'understanding' & 'wisdom'.

Any wisdom of great social importance requires 'debate'..
An understanding of trigonometry does not require debate. An understanding of 'corruption in local government' requires years of debate and 'Grand-mother type wisdom'. (why not "grand-father"? - The corrupting influences in society are mostly caused by older men (aldermen). And, elder-women are usually free of greed, bias and testosterone!)

"If only 'Lisa Simpsons' name was on the ballot paper, I would vote for her!"
Millions of western voters feel totally frustrated by their 'two party' option where both parties are just as bad as each other. Where 'fair & just' policies are out-voted by politicians on both sides who have just received enormous "Donations" from mega-business!!
These frustrated voters feel like they are powerless - but that is never the case!
In any society, there are ALWAYS candidates with "Lisa Simpson" qualities.. The trouble is, only a few percent will vote for them! Only a few percent will even bother to read anything about them! These voters are NOT powerless, they are actually negligent and complicit! (without realizing it.)
So, how do you get these voters to realize they are negligent and complicit??
They could easily realize this within one hour if they attended a good social debate on these issues! The problem is that there are a thousand foolish, fanatical debates on these issues for every ONE 'wise debate'..

Our local members should have the responsibility of organizing these regular 'discussions'. There are thousands of 'Grand-mother' academics who could chair and steer such debates. A cleverly worded small pamphlet would get a good response from the public.

There is, of course, a conflict of interest in this plan..
The "Mr Bigs" who pay for the re-election costs of each politician will not like these "public awareness debates" and may withdraw their bribes - oops, sorry, "donations"

As one elder politician lamented.. "I am introducing this (banking oversight) bill knowing full well that my entire Party will be financially penalized for my action and I personally will never be able to work in the Banking industry again.
I also know that this bill will be voted down by my friends on both sides of the house who are not willing to make the sacrifice I am making. I don't blame them! They are younger and have their future careers at stake. They are engulfed in a system beyond their control."

Quote from John Danforth, 1968, Missouri Attorney General..
"Deep down in our hearts, we (senators realize that we) have been accomplices in doing something terrible and unforgivable to our wonderful country.
We realize that we have given our children a legacy of bankruptcy. We have defrauded our country to get ourselves elected."