Single Mothers and 'Run-away' Dads.

We will soon be faced with a collapse of Government Pension & Benefit schemes..
Within a year or two, the number of people on 'benefits' will outnumber the taxpayers who support them! Governments all over the world are preparing (short of an economic miracle) for 60 to 70% cutbacks in Benefit schemes..
This will include 'single mothers' support; Mild physical & mental disabilities; Child Care; Workers Pension schemes.

With single mothers..

It is absolutely unfair to ask taxpayers who DO support their own kids to also support the kids of runaway dads!
"In the USA, 15 million children are being raised without a father." (The Washington Times)
(There are over half a million single mums in Australia.)
Many great movies depict the following sequence.. Lonely daughter searches for her run-away dad; She finds a father who is at first, disinterested; After some drama, the two bond and form a great lifelong relationship! The audience wishes more could be done for all the kids of run-away dads.
"A growing number of studies show that fatherlessness has a major negative impact on the social and emotional development of children." (The Washington Times)
The emotional cost to these kids is very high - and that is very hard to address.
The financial costs are much easier to address..

DNA testing will soon be used to enforce all those 'runaway fathers' to financially support their kids.
It normally takes about 15 hours extra labor a week to support a Wife and Child. (say $250)
Every run-away dad who can't afford to simply pay the $250 per week should work 15 hrs per week with the pay confiscated to a 'Single Mothers' support fund.
Those who can't find work can work on "Hoover Dam" style projects or live and work on a rural farm. Livestock & Crop skills are of great value to future communities. The farmers will not have to pay these wages, it will be "work for the dole" well spent.