The Future Impact of STDs (Sexually Transmissible Diseases)

In the US, roughly 10 million new cases of STDs occur every year - and the proportions are similar for most western nations.

The projected future costs of this are hard to estimate but the consensus for the US is about 10 billion dollars per year!
This is just the dollar cost.. It doesn't consider the damage done to peoples quality of life!
Researchers are now seeing the emergence of a gonorrhea that's resistant to cephalosporin, the last known effective antibiotic! The almost inevitable spread of this strain will be catastrophic!
Most of the population has little sympathy for victims of STDs. They judge them as "Sex in the City" types who deserve what they get.

Two types of sexual loyalty.. "Eagle types" vs "Rabbit types"
'Eagle types' have one or two partners for life. If their partner is ever lost, there will be a grieving period. 'Eagle types' can maintain 'sexual magic' with one partner for 80 years.
'Rabbit types' may have a hundred partners. There is never any 'loyalty'. Their 'sexual magic' always fades after a few nights.

Many of the victims of STDs are not 'Rabbit Types'.. Many are faithful wives ('Eagle types') whose partner has been sleeping around ('Rabbit types')
Many innocent 20 year-olds, who thought they had found a life-partner, were in fact the victim of a lying, serial flirt who enjoyed a 7 night stand and then left - leaving them with an STD.

90% of taxpayers are "Eagle types" and should never catch an STD - but they are the ones who will have to pay for the minority "Rabbit types" who do "sleep around"
Human costs aside, the dollar costs alone are unaffordable and something has to change. Our mind-sets have to change.
The peer pressure needs to be re-directed toward "Eagle behavior" rather than the exaltation of "Rabbit behavior"

Condoms are NOT the answer..

With established couples, the failure rate for condoms is very low, about one in a hundred.
However, for first timers, the failure rate for condoms is widely agreed by doctors to be as high as one in five.
For a nervous teenager, that is equivalent to telling them that 'Russian Roulette' is safe.
Why is the failure rate for first-timers so high? Use your imagination! - and the following math..
Nervousness girl = zero lubrication + Excited male = busted..
There are several more reasons young people have high failure rates, but lets stop kidding ourselves, condoms are not safe for anyone other than established 'Eagle Types'.

Eagle Sex..

It becomes very obvious that the only safe sex is Eagle type sex.
That doesn't mean one partner for life. (Eagles can loose a partner and, after a grieving period, will find another.)
It means caring for your partner and trying to be loyal to them for as long as you humanly can.
It works like this..
1. Two people notice each other and start dating..
2. After a few months - They believes they could be soul-mates and promise to love each other for ever and ever!
3. Couple gets sexually active and the bond becomes extremely deep. They try really hard to be faithful.
4. One partner looses self-control, becomes abusive and the other is forced to leave..
5. They both grieve for a few months before they return to step one with a new found person.

This million year old practice can accommodate multiple partners and is totally Safe-Sex..
Notice the grieving period - that is the key to preventing 99% of STDs.. After leaving one partner, they don't sleep with anyone else until AFTER the incubation period, they won't pass anything on because any 'condition' will be obvious by then.
"Grieving over" may sound quaint, but, if your previous partner was not worth grieving over then WHY WERE YOU WITH THEM?  How is that Honorable? All women love being honored - they all love 'commitment'.