Sustainable Civilization??

In the last 50,000 years, no civilization has survived more than 1000 years!
Hitler thought his would last 1000 years! It lasted about 15 years! He was a smart man - why was he so wrong?

Most great civilizations are famous for one thing.. Their collapse!

Most of them collapsed for the same basic reason! A cause and effect that endlessly repeats itself!
It seems that all those respective Leaders were unaware of that cause and effect!

Most of our Leaders today would fail a test on ‘Why did Rome fall’
If asked to list the 100 worst mistakes made by historical leaders - Most would only be able to list a few! Their political wisdom might rate as low as 5% on a “Gandhi – Cicero” scale!

The main threat to our civilization is not Impact, Terrorists or Climate change, it is the same threat that brought Rome down! It is alarming that very few of our leaders understand these causes and effects.

The top 100 civil calamities in history have all had many precedents.
Good Lawyers are keenly aware of the top one hundred precedents in their field!
With pride, and from memory, they can quote names, dates, circumstances, judgement errors for all 100 cases!
Our modern Leaders have no such pride, no such awareness and no intention to ever acquire it!
They are basically ignorant of the top threats to their own nation!

We all understand that Greed; Theft; Predatory behavior are bad at the personal level - But, when those "evils" exist in the elite ruling class, your whole nation is in serious danger! It is even worse if the common folk accept this behavior in their leaders and continually 'vote' them into power!

According to the Deli Lama..
Love People & Use Things = Long term Peace..
Love Things & Use People = Chaos (the End)!

Our Aim..
Encouraging our youth and the next generation of Civil Leaders to develop the skills, understanding and wisdom of the historical architects of the great civilizations. To aspire to the spirit of Aristotle and Gandhi.