Death by Patent Abuse..

Is the current Patent System a "Crime Against Humanity"?

• Thousands of lives are lost each year because the patent system allows $10 'life saving' drugs to be priced at $1000! - Well beyond the reach of over 50% of the worlds population.
• Medical research where progress is being threatened by oppressive patents - where research laboratories with 'promising ideas' are prevented from contributing to the development!
• Sections of the 'human genome' are being frantically patented by private bodies to prevent government and other laboratories from developing 'miracle cures' based on those sections.

These legal but immoral practices are obviously "knowingly compromising something that is 'Critical to Life'!

"A Patent is a Privilege, granted by the people (the State), to assist in the development of a 'benefit' to the people. Any patent can be revoked by the people (the State) if it is abused or proves not to be a 'benefit' to the people."

Currently, patents are seen as a license to monopolize, a license to extort as much profit as possible from the public (the ones who granted the privilege).

•With each new race to a product breakthrough, like High Density DVDs, there are always several losers. Both HD-DVD & Blu-Ray were great ideas each costing many millions of dollars to develop but in the final marketing, one had to fail.. That huge waste of money and time is not just a blow to that company, it is a loss to the nation that we can't afford.

• Any garage inventor can patent a revolutionary idea and then struggle with the detail for a whole decade! A larger institution could have delivered that benefit to the public within weeks. A decade of public benefit is lost.

The Current International Patent laws are already collapsing..

There is no real obligation for foreign countries to honor any foreign patent. It is simply a matter of 'acting honorably'..
The biggest danger is that Asian developers will see no obligation to honor a patent system that is corrupt and totally un-honorable! The whole fragile system of international patents is collapsing from its own corruption.
For example.. Every year, 'Doctors without Borders' are saving the lives of 10s of thousands of Aids victims. They struggle to find the $70/year it costs for each life.. The world applauds their effort.. The world applauds the Indian Drug companies that breach patents to provide those drugs for $70/year.. The world despises the USA drug companies who demand $10,000 dollars for each $70 prescription and are suing 'Doctors without Borders'.. [see related article]
It doesn't matter that logic and 'the law' are on the side of the US patents - the world sees it as a battle between good and evil - with the US patents being 'evil'.

Like the global financial system, the Patent system is heading for an unprecedented collapse!
Both these systems are so corrupted by rampant greed, impossible convolution and predatory practice that they will both 'go down' in history as a "crime against humanity".

Quote from Facebook..  (a Dr. Max)
'Doctors without Borders' threatened by patent courts..
"Every year, 'Doctors without Borders' (MSF) are saving the lives of 10s of thousands of Aids victims.
This would not be possible without the Indian Drug manufacturers that breach patents to provide those drugs for $70/year.. 'MSF' struggles to raise that amount of money ($70 x 160,000)!
The USA patent system demands those $70 prescriptions should be priced at $10,000 each! And Patent courts worldwide are trying to force 'MSF' to stop this illegal activity and pay the 'proper' price!
An abbreviated quote from Dr. Unni Karunakara, president of 'Doctors without Borders' (MSF) International Council..
"We (MSF) buy 80 percent of our AIDS medicines from India." [the supply of these] "Medicines that keep 160,000 people alive today [is now being threatened by European patent courts].”
PS.. The $70 cost includes a large profit.. How can $10,000 be the legally enforceable "proper price"?? "Beam me up Scotty - This planet sucks!"  End quote..