A Universal English Language..

A universal English language adopted by business men, innovators and engineers would be a massive boost to economic growth.
Innovative minds, separated by a thousand languages is a huge obstacle to science and a harmonious and co-operative world.
A majority of Scientists, Professional Sportsmen, Journalists, Business leaders from all nations are choosing to adopt English. 
Most of the I.T. and 'post graduate' college course in China are being taught in English! Every year, there are about 12 million new college graduates in Asia who speak English very well!
It is obvious that in 50 years time, the majority of the worlds educated and business folk will have adopted a single universal language.

There already is a new version of the English Language evolving.
The whole international scientific community is being forced to adopt the English language. A massive proportion of scientific words are all in English. At large international scientific gatherings, the key-note speeches and hand-outs are mostly in English.
Even at Wimbledon, the international players are all expected to speak English.

Sadly for the purists, this 'New English' language will NOT be "proper English"..
There is NO WAY that the hundreds of insane rules that infest the English language will be adopted by the billions of people that will be learning this new language!

Back in the dark ages, a few Anglo folk (from Angul in Germany) came to visit the British Isles and caused a major upgrade to the English language! Then, a few French folk dropped in and forced another major upgrade to the English language..
Obviously, a billion new speakers will also force a major evolution of the language.
Ridiculous rules will be dropped. Even now, when a Wimbledon player says "I are happy five times now at Wimbledon to be" - we all think that's perfectly OK!

International Business Software is also adopting truncated English spelling. Long words do not fit on buttons or in report headings. Eg. 'supplier' becomes 'suplyr', programme = program; through = thru.

The current English Language is a major problem for the huge numbers of Chinese students in English based Universities.  See footnote ** Chinese Students.

For every 50 animals, there are 50 rules for describing the baby version and 50 terms to describe a bunch of them! That's insane! A billion new speakers of English may bother to learn a few variations - but not 50! (A gaggle of geese - really?)

The big search-engine companies are developing massive databases that will provide "Expert Assistance" systems.
These systems will cover all the sciences plus Legal and Medical.. The idea is that if you have a problem that requires 'expert knowledge' you can present the question and any facts you have and the database will present you with the best answer from a million expert cases.
These systems will be of enormous benefit to the entire world - but they are only being developed in English. The assumption is that the non-rural world will soon be predominantly English speaking.
Our associate software house started work on this project 25 years ago, but, 5 years ago, faced with the awesome amount of money Google & Co was putting into these projects, we pulled out of the race.

Some of the insane problems with 'English'..

The problems are best seen when Google tries to translate an English page into another language then back again. The end result is hilarious! If that's the best a billion dollar translation program can do then the language rules are too difficult.
• There are about 40 sounds in the English language but over a thousand ways to spell those 40 sounds! So, on average, there are 25 ways to spell each of those sounds.
• There are over 100,000 words, yet, many words are used for several different meanings. Eg. Doctor means both 'writer of doctrine' (esteemed Author) and 'Medicine man'. With 100,000 words, we shouldn't have to use one word for 5 different meanings.
• Words that sound exactly the same but are spelled differently. Eg. sense, scents & cents: Weal, wheel & we'll.
• Rules that even school teachers can't agree on.. Eg. the use of apostrophe for possessive. (Eg. 'Wall Streets' needs vs 'main street's' needs.) ('main street' is an accepted noun but it already ends with an apostrophe so can't have an apostrophe to indicate possession.)
• Rules that have a hundred exceptions.. "Use i before e, except after c, and except when sounding like a as in weigh." (plus a list of dozens of 'ie' words that don't fit this rule. - Eg. seize, sovereign, weird, foreign, neither, either, forfeit, counterfeit, leisure.)
• Words that use double letters when they sound perfectly OK without them, eg. Accommodate.
• A google search on the phrase "English Language is stupid" gets over 10 million matches.

** Chinese Students..

The current English Language is a major problem for the huge numbers of Chinese students in English based Universities. In Chinese Colleges, the Professor / student relationship is like Father & child. "Do not speak - Sit silently and learn".. In Oz, many classes are like a 'peer group' heated discussion! This is very difficult for Chinese students. Their English skills are inadequate for 'oratory grandstanding' and, with their incredible politeness, they seriously dislike 'heated discussion'.
Chinese Graduates are a great asset in all Western countries. Most employers and civic leaders describe them as: Industrious; Resourceful; Respectful; Patient; Tolerant.. That is rarely said of local graduates.
For two reasons.. All 'Western' Colleges need to develop "On Line" compatible courses.
1. This format requires far less 'oratory skills' and would suit foreign language students.
2. This format would also greatly lower the cost of higher education. Student Debt is now 'out of control'; College operating costs are far too high; The whole University System is on the point of collapse!
The entire world is well overdue for a major civil "Reset". (They have occurred every hundred years or so for the last 10,000 years - they are an inevitable part of our nature.) After the next 'reset', millions of traumatized communities will need a 100 million educated, respectful, honest young folk to guide them. Whatever happens next, the world will certainly need these qualities in its young folk!

Last Updated (22 March 2011)