Be Prepared For..

There are many "unforeseen" tragedies about to befall the families of the world..
Future generations, in hindsight, will laugh at the word "unforeseen" - they will rightly proclaim "Even a child could have seen THAT coming!"

Hopefully, our grand-kids will believe us when we assure them that we strongly opposed all 26 evils (A to Z) of this current greed driven age.
An age where Government positions can be paid for by Wall Street and therefore legal decisions (and Laws) that favor the Banks (and all the other Mr. Bigs) can be purchased.

Some of the impending dramas that you should prepare for..

* A Banking Collapse.. Most banks only have enough liquid cash to cover about 5% of deposits! (some only 2%) If an international "scare" runs thru depositors, (Cyprus?) there will be more than 5% wanting their money out and most banks will then collapse! If more than a few banks collapse, the government 'Deposit guarantees' will also collapse! (it will be totally beyond the capacity of the taxpayers)

* A collapse of Government Pension & Benefit schemes..

Quote from Pater Tenebrarum - one of the worlds top financial forecasters..
"Our current standard of living is totally [beyond our income], it is based on debt. Every component of our future is borrowed, with very little to show for it. The house is borrowed. The cars are leased. Education is financed by $1 trillion in student loans. Medicare today is debt to future generations. Social Security is underfunded. Public pension plans are underfunded. Households are borrowing from their [pension] plans to survive. Most tragic of all, our Government is operating only because of funding from the Federal Reserve.
The next generation is going to enter the working world with more debt and obligations than they can possibly repay." (End Quote.)

Within a year or two, the number of people on 'benefits' will outnumber the taxpayers who support them! Governments all over the world are preparing (short of an economic miracle) for 60 to 70% cutbacks in Benefit schemes..
This will include 'single mothers' support; Mild physical & mental disabilities; Child Care; Workers Pension schemes.
With single mothers; DNA testing will be used to enforce all those 'runaway fathers' to financially support their kids. It is absolutely not fair to ask taxpayers who do support their own kids to also support the kids of runaway dads!  [Read More]

* Massive unemployment as manufacturing and mining industries collapse in all the high wage nations.

* A western-world depression that could last a decade. You might need to move somewhere where you can grow some food and have your own water.

* Massive civil unrest at home and in Europe.
Unemployed youth from 'Struggle Street' are becoming a serious threat to 'law and order', police numbers need to be increased - but are being decreased! If you live on "Mayfare" or "Park Lane", you might be wise to move!
With Europes 50% youth unemployment, and the rapid rise of extreme political parties, the Pentagon has been quietly advised to "be prepared" for a 'military action' in Europe.

* The collapse of the Euro and the Euro Zone..
It was a nice idea that 10 brothers could all share the same 'market place' and currency - but, that also required them to share the same Credit Card. (Sure, there were 'spending' rules - which were openly ignored.)
As with any bunch of brothers, some are 'hard working' and love to save; Some are lazy 'dole addicts' who actually despise those who work hard and pay taxes! The lazy brothers have been secretly cheating and sponging off the common 'Credit Card' since it was created!
That 'Credit Card' is now so strained that the whole Euro banking system is about to collapse! The once Five productive brothers are now down to Two! Those two can't possibly sustain the 'credit card' debt any longer. The German taxpayers can already smell the total loss of their own savings.

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