Critical Social Issues.

There are many issues that threaten our quality of life - yet the average person knows very little about them.
These issues should be the subject of public debate and 'adult education'.

The impending drop in the National Average Wage..
Most industries in western nations that depends on labor are seriously threatened.
Western wages are ten times that of Asian workers! This is resulting in hundreds of factories per month uprooting to Asia and those that remain are quickly moving to worker-less automation.
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Unaffordable Housing..
* 15 years ago, 80% of graduates believed they would buy their own houses.
* Today, 80% firmly believe they will NEVER pay current prices to own a house.
The 'Baby Boomers' all think their depressing little house is worth half a million dollars! - Their children have a very different appraisal!
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Safe Sex & Resistant STDs..
Researchers are now seeing the emergence of a gonorrhea that's resistant to the last known effective antibiotic! The almost inevitable spread of this strain will be catastrophic!
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Runaway Dads and Single Mothers..
Soon, the number of people on 'benefits' will outnumber the taxpayers who support them! The only folk who 'Add' to government revenue are 'private sector' taxpayers.. Public sector workers do pay tax, but their total salary 'subtracts' from gov. revenue. As at Jan 2014, the US only had 85 million 'private sector' taxpayers trying to support 150 million folk on welfare! Absolutely unsustainable! Governments all over the world are preparing for 60 to 70% cutbacks in Benefit schemes..
This will include 'single mothers' support..
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Be Prepared For..
* A worldwide Banking collapse..
* A collapse of government Pension schemes and Benefits..
* A worldwide recession..
* Massive Unemployment..
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Dramatic changes to the English Language..
There is NO WAY that the hundreds of insane rules that infest the English language will be adopted by the hundreds of millions of Asians who are now learning 'English'!
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