Business Opportunities for Youth - VSoft.

We supported the VSoft Business System (software) distributed by Graduate Business Systems P/L.

This system had been in commercial use for over 15 years and outperforms many $100,000 Systems..
It was an initiative to encourage a closer partnership between colleges, graduates and small business.

This business system was designed as a free franchise, made available to college graduates and gifted youths in general..
Grad-Net (Graduate-Network) was a worldwide network of self-employed folk who support VSoft users. The network includes Programmers, Systems Analysts, PC Repairers, Network Engineers, Data-Entry Temps, Bookkeepers and Accounting specialists.

The goals of the VSoft Initiative..

1. To develop a ‘world-wide' network (Grad-Net) of tens of thousands of Information Technology Graduates who provide low cost support to a hundred thousand small businesses.

2. To provide a million ‘Home based' or Limited capital businesses with fully featured software and low priced IT support.
Inadequate software (and high professional fees) severely handicap and limit the profitability of many businesses.

* The VSoft system was closed in 2016 because of the refusal of Microsoft to provide an affordable upgrade path from 'VB6'.. Microsoft requirement to perform a full re-write of over a million lines of code was unaffordable and unprecedented in software history.