The Power of Music.

With reference to classic music, the word 'Aria' means 'Transcendental'  (takes your spirit to a higher place) ('Aria' shares an old root with "air", "to raise", "lofty", "high spirit")
All the Arias have moments where you feel 'goose bumps' and where you have to fight the tears.. The tears do not come from the sadness of the tale (most Arias are in Italian and most listeners have no idea what the words mean!) The tears and tingles just come from our minds incredible ability to paint a stunning image from the sounds of the music! (specially if a few notes from the high fifth octave are included. - F5 to A5 seems to be the key 'tears' notes for most folk.)

Almost every human mind has a strong (even addictive) proclivity to be seriously moved, motivated and elevated by great music!

Vera Lynn, born (Vera Welch) 1917..

During the war, Vera Lynn became known, and is still referred to, as "The Forces Sweetheart"
She started singing at age 7, and with her wonderfully outgoing, sweet nature, she soon won the hearts of the whole British nation.
She was widely described as "A Voice from God" and "Voice of an Angel".

She is attributed with saving the physical lives of thousands of trench soldiers..
Many soldiers, horrified by their experiences and their own brutal actions, stated that "In my darkest times, her voice echoing in my head stopped me from simply "standing up and ending it all" (being shot)

She is also attributed with restoring the mental health of millions of returned soldiers from all nations involved..
A typical comment (2005).. "My first 'kill' horrified me, I felt sick for days. Subsequently, the 'kills' didn't bother me, I even seemed to get a thrill. That really horrified me! I felt like I had become something evil - and that God would deal with me one day. Vera was like an angel voice, singing personally to me - it was a 'miracle cure' to my sanity! I had to conclude it was from God! And that I was somehow forgiven!
I am now 85 years old, the nightmares are still in my head - but that calming voice is also still in my head - and I am at peace with myself"

As Hitler confided to one of his generals..
"Our biggest danger in Britain is the Queen Mother. She has such an ability to lift the peoples spirit that they will never despair and never surrender! (Hitler was correct, but he didn't realize there were TWO Ladies who could do that.)
It wasn't the Spitfires that saved Britain, it was the Queen Mum and that "Voice From God" Vera Lynn.