The Home Horticulture project..

This project aims to encourage and maintain millions of home veggie gardens. These gardens and their maintenance/collection teams will provide millions of jobs, millions of tons of home delivered organic food and great social activities for the handicapped and the shut-ins.

These above ground gardens will be designed by world class experts; the hardware and fittings will be mass-produced 'Ikea' style; The maintenance/collection teams will be supervised by our older unemployed with the relevant expertise; The teams will be manned by the unemployed, able-bodied pensioners who want to supplement their income and volunteers from the gray army.

Senior Citizens Support. (read more.)

The Home Horticultural project will be one of several projects designed to assist the elderly to remain in their own homes.
These symbiotic projects will also provide training and mentoring opportunities to thousands of youth groups and unemployed youth.
The youth groups will be supervised and mentored by our vast army of retired experts.. They will learn many valuable life skills.
The elderly will have their homes, property and large veggie-garden maintained. They will receive home grown, home cooked meals several times per week.