Encouraging a Love of the Environment.

In 1914, Alfred Kilmer wrote a poem titled Trees: "I think that I shall never see - A poem lovely as a tree."

It may be hard for many city dwellers to get meaningful time in the National Parks, but a real love for the magnificence and fragility of nature can come from your local area.

From their earliest age, you should regularly walk (or drive) your children to the nearest wooded area or 'Botanical Gardens'. If you display a reverence for nature, they will develop one also.

Your whole family should be involved in a modest herb & veggie garden. A hundred broad lessons of life are learned by this simple exercise.

Your children should plant a 6 inch tree in a pot or back yard.. They quickly become attached to this little piece of nature, and, whether it lives or dies, another hundred lessons are learned - and a nature-friendly heart starts to grow.

Encouraging Children to Care for the Environment.

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