A 'Top 100' list of religious questions??

We are attempting to collate the top 100 tough religious questions. – Perhaps your tough question could be listed and answered here.

Many questions only seem difficult because of a misunderstanding of a word or situation!
For example..  There are three Greek words in the Bible that are all translated as “Hell” (even though they have three different meanings)
This translation “error” has played a large part in the promotion of ‘Fear Religion’.
The three words are..
Hades which simply means “a grave” (and Yes, all sinners are heading for this place!)
Geenna (Ghehennah) – which was Jerusalem’s eternally smoldering rubbish tip!
Tartaroo – which describes a condition of eternal restraint and torment (a Jail) reserved for Satan and his Demons! Humans are never eternally tormented in Tartaroo! The devious ministers who weave that tall story DO know better!
And, to translate 'Hades' as 'Hell' instead of "the grave" is a blatant fear tactic.
This simple understanding of a words true meaning can answer many seemingly impossible questions.

Our top 100 tough religious questions..
P.S. None of the questions listed here are actually “tough”. In hind-sight, they all have simple answers. But, we ARE looking for really ‘tough’ ones! If you know of any, please submit them.

The “Why does God allow…” group.
* How could a loving God allow my innocent child to be killed be a drunk driver?
* Why so much suffering on the planet?
* Why so much suffering in the Christian walk?
Note: This is the hardest group because they are 'Grade 12' questions with answers that rely on the 'student' understanding Grade 11 concepts.. If the student is only at grade 5 - then some remedial studies are required before the Grade 12 questions can be answered.
It is like a child asking about Financial Derivatives..

The “Fear Religion” group.
* Is the “Soul” immortal? (Some passages do seem to imply that, but, the short answer is No!)
* My children are honest, caring young people, but they no longer attend church, and seem to be ashamed of religion! My priest warns me that if they die in this state, they (will burn!)
* My minister tells me my gentle Grand-mother will burn in hell if she doesn’t come to confession?
* How can God decree that 1.5 billion of His (gentle) Chinese children burn in hell because their government would not allow (the necessary) 6 million missionaries into China to preach Jesus to them all?

The Legalism and the “Works vs Grace” questions.
PS.. "Works" implies the Works of the Law.. Ie.. "Law Keeping vs Grace"
* If I am saved by Grace alone.. Then I should not be worried about keeping the "Commandments"? - So, adultery should be fine?

The “Pure Exploitation” questions.
* My priest tells me that if I give a large monetary donation to the church, (large enough to be deemed a ‘penance’) the church will ask God to release my departed Mother from purgatory!
(Ed. This is the Issue that prompted the “Protestants” to leave the Catholic Church.)
* Is there even such a place or 'condition' called "purgatory".. Short Answer is NO..

The “Lacking Scholarship” group.
* The Bible is so full of contradictions! How can you determine anything by it?
. Even a 10 year old, future lawyer, after a 10 minutes examination, could declare there is NO contradiction in those often quoted passages!
* Is there a God Trinity? (Yes) - Is that Trinity 3 separate beings? (No) ..
* Predestination – If God knows everything - If He knows the ‘sinners’ end before his birth, He also knows that person is destined for Hell fire! Why does He allow them to be born?
* Why do "Brothers" cause so much Offense? [read more]
* Does the Bible actually say the Earth is only 6000 years old?
.. This Q. has a short answer - No! – Or, in a bit more detail, [read here]