Is the Earth only 6000 years old?

Does the Bible actually say the Earth is only 6000 years old?
The short answer is No! – Or, in a bit more detail…
Tree rings from all parts of the globe depict the exact same 'sulfate' pattern of major volcanic activity over the last 1000 years. This "finger print" in the tree rings accurately depicts all the major eruptions in the last 1000 years.

1000 years of Volcanic history

The top 1000 annual layers of ice in Greenland also show the exact same record. (image above)
These matching "finger prints" prove that those top 1000 ice-layers are annual. The fact that there are over 300,000 annual layers there prove the Earth is not 6000 years old. There are dozens of these ‘absolute proofs’ evident in the Geological record.
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But doesn't Genesis say that Adam was created in the same week as the Earth was created?
Again, even a 10 year old (future lawyer) would tell you that "this text does NOT actually say that!"
The Bible itself describes events on Earth long before Adam. It tells of a wonderful age on earth when the Arc-angel Lucifer was King and ruled over a huge number of Angels. Lucifer was the epitome of beauty and wisdom! His name meant ‘Light Bringer’. He was not yet ‘Satan’!
He eventually became ‘full of himself’ and rebellious. He eventually convinced a third of the angels to join him in an attack on Gods throne. He was defeated and thrown back to earth. Somehow, his violent rage seems connected to the earth becoming “Without form and void”. (Dark, Empty, Chaos)
It is AFTER this chaotic defeat that Lucifer is renamed Satan and the stage is now set for the first day of Genesis and the appearance of Adam..

Genesis CAN'T say that Adam was created in the same week as the Earth was created because that would contradict other accounts in the bible of the Creation Day..
In Gen 1 it says the Earth was "Dark, Empty & Chaotic"..
In the book of Job, God says to Job.. "Where were you when I created the earth? When all the Angels shouted for joy?" The earth was beautiful when first created (NOT Dark, Empty & Chaos) It was a fitting domain for Lucifer the "Bringer of Light". The Earth was a beautiful, happy place for eons before the first Adam came along and threatened Satans 'Kingship' over earth.