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Brian Max F.

Main C.V. details as follows..

'Has Been'..
* A College Lecturer - (Business Studies & Programming)
* Australian Software Manager for a large 'Business Systems' Supplier.
* Electrical Engineer - National Power Grid.
* Senior Research Tech. in R & D section of Aust. Standards Laboratory (QLD)
* Senior Research Tech. for a large USA weapons developer. (Dr. Brian)
* Author of a popular (about 1 million page reads) website on Social Reform.
* A consultant and Systems analyst to 'small business' for 35 years.
* Owner of a company selling Business Software..
* a counselor and mentor to disadvantaged youth for 40 years.
* Church Youth group mentor: Sport Family nights; Music programs.
* Audio Tech. & Stage manager (Music) 40 years (some international exp.)
* Author of this sites YouTube channel on Music Edu. For Children. (180,000 views)
* Legal "Expert" in forensic analysis of financial databases & Corp. Fraud.
(contracted by the Legal profession and the Tax office)
* and.. a Licensed Electrician..

Brian F.

Brian F. (Squash Coach)

Our regular Sports Family nights.. (Squash & Volleyball).
These events are heavily subsidized and restricted to 'invitation' by Social Workers, Churches & Schools. We provide some free places for disadvantaged children.