A Tribute to Ashley - [@Reality_Crunch] R.I.P.

April 2015. (Ashley was one of this sites main Tech dudes.) (Views 1000+)
We are receiving hundreds of lovely 'tweets' about Ash (@Reality_Crunch)
(see quote #01 & 12 below.) (see latest news at the bottom of page)

Ashley [@Reality_Crunch]

Ashley - trying to explain the profound.

My son Ashley died in his sleep (6th Apr 2015).. He had just turned 30.
He has been in pain for the last 13 years, and over that time, he has been 'looked at' by almost every medical specialist in Qld. - With no conclusive answers!
From birth, his body was never a picture of strength - Health wise, he was always a little fragile.
13 years ago (grade 12), he suffered a series of leg injuries which kept him indoors for a long time.
I think these injuries might have been the first signs of the onset of a muscle & nerve deterioration.
In spite of extensive medical analysis, his condition has gradually deteriorated over that last 13 years..
For the last few years, Ash was in constant pain and could not get any help from the medical community.
He spent much time and money trying to find dietary and herbal solutions - without any real success.
In spite of everything he tried, the deterioration in strength and condition was relentless - like a candle burning down!
Ash was a lovely, gentle soul.. A sparkling Hi-IQ mind trapped in a slowly dying body.. His 13 years of pain is now past..

 Some quotes from his family friends..
* You shouldered the burden of the world, but never complained. Your insights were deeper than I could travel.
* Ash wouldn't want us to be sad. He devoted all his time to making people smile.
* Ashley had a hard life, but he lived it with such grace and good humor.

A lovely painting of Ash (Reality_Crunch) by Tom Furber. (click for full size)

Painting of Ash (Reality_Crunch) by Tom Furber.

Some extraordinary quotes from his On-Line community friends..

(We don't have names for these quotes - so we have numbered them with the idea that if one of these is yours, you are welcome to send us your ID/Handle via 'contact us' and we will add that info.

01. "I realize it's personal, but hundreds and hundreds of people that love him (Ashley) will Want to know what happened. And can we do anything to help? Donations for the family??? He was part of our family too.
PLEASE let us know how we can help. He was an enormous part of our community.
Is there some obituary or anything that we can have to remember him? [This page is a start]
We may have never met him, but he was loved by an incredible number of people.
We want to know how we can help." (Kal)
[In response to this quote, Ashleys Sister instigated a memorial 'Donation Site' - Click here to visit it.]

02. "He ALWAYS made me laugh. He ALWAYS had something witty to say, and he NEVER complained
I'm going to miss Ash so much. He was incredible! (from 'Corridoor')
God bless him.. He was an awesome person. Instead of mourning over his death, [lets] celebrate over all the things he did in his life..
All the people he affected in his life. His story sounds amazing, we miss him soo much. He is a true hero.

Ash and his sister Michelle


03. Takes a lot for me to shed tears but they are rolling. I got to know Ash well and will be missed dearly. He will be honored in the Academy. (Kal)

04. Through all his adversity, he never let it show through to others. He's an inspiration.

05. I am sad to say [our community] has lost an amazing person in Reality-Crunch (Ash). Such a positive person and role model.

06. From Ash, I knew nothing but kindness, sweetness, talent and humor - and I'm heartbroken over our community's loss. RIP, Crunch.

07. The Stream is on hold until I can get my emotions sorted out. Please rest well Ash. You will be missed dearly. All the love.

08. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. We will love you always and forever Ash.

23. Ash will be missed by so many people. He was a bright light in all our lives and honestly one of the sweetest people I've had the honor to meet. I miss you so much friend. (Primm Rose)

25. Even on days when I didn't talk to "Crunchie", I knew he was there and that's all I needed.. (my Social anxiety etc) I still cry.. and it's sort of nice to know that one of my big brothers is up there chillin' with Jesus..
so if I need to talk to someone I know he will listen because that's what RC did. He was a great friend, a great hero.. a great big brother.
I don't think I will ever get used to not seeing him in chat.. it still doesn't seem real.. We all love him.
And I know, when it's my time to go - he will be one of the first to greet me. (Nicole Landino)

Young Ash (Left) and his 3 brothers and 1 sister

Young Ashley (left), with 3 brothers and 1 sister. Always happy! (1995)

09. Rest in peace @Reality_Crunch - Heaven has gained a new angel.

10. I'm too sad to do a stream tonight and most of you can probably guess why. Will try tomorrow.. Going to be thinking of RC (Ash) (from 'Corridoor')

11. There's a 'reality-crunch' sized hole in my heart right now.. (from 'Corridoor')

12. When you're part of something as amazing as our community,
you see just how much everyone has really grown to love each other and truly become a family.
140 characters wasn't enough to express the sadness I feel in my heart for Reality Crunch (Ash) and his family,
including the family we all have in 'Twitch'.
RC (Ash) has done so much for so many people that I truly can call friends, and he has really left a mark on us all.
It breaks my heart to see so many people in pain because he's gone.
RIP Reality_Crunch... you'll always be part of our family.

Ash at BBQ - in pain, but still happy!

Ash at a family BBQ. (2011)

13. Wow, its awful news. The friends and family are in our thoughts.

14. This is a call to arms. If you knew @Reality_Crunch put him on your feed in memory of a great guy. Crunch was always great. RIP.

15. He was welcoming, positive, hilarious, and kind. He welcomed me to the community and helped me fend off loneliness... I felt connected, even across the ocean. I hope his friends, family, loved ones find peace and celebrate the love Ashley created. (Aidan Ross)

16. Ash showed nothing but kindness.. He had such talent. He will be missed & never forgotten! Forever in our hearts!! (Erika Dell)

Ash (25) at brothers wedding

Ash (2010) at his brothers wedding. One of the last times he was able to get out for a few hours.

17. I hope everyone keeps looking forward as we all know they are. Remember theres no more pain and that JC has received him with loving open arms. (Anthony Butler)

18. A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. We didn't know your pain but we knew your love of life and cherished every moment we had with you. Love you brother. (Kal - Acadamy)

19. Ashley was a fellow mod with me on 'Lowco'  and even though we met only a couple of months ago, we became friends quickly.
He was always happy and there to help you out. You could always count on him to make you laugh at any moment too. He was a great guy and I will miss him alot.
Rest in peace my friend and my most sincere condolences to his family. :) (Philou)

Ash at a family BBQ

Ash at a family BBQ (2011)

20. I lost my brother.. Miss u man! RIP bro love u for ever.

21. You were a transparent man [with] the love of life shining through you. Thank you for listening, thank you for speaking, thank you for feeling and being. Much love to you forever and always. Mario, Ellie & Michael.

22. Like everyone else, our hearts felt punched when we learned of Reality's passing.
RC was a wonderful part of our community - it's obvious from our collective devastation how much we all adored him. We love and miss you, RC.
I'm glad your family gets to see how much you impacted our lives. Love - Lee & Kitten

24. Knowing someone 'on-line' is the SAME as knowing them in person, people put their (whole) personalities into these communities and I absolutely loved RealityCrunch, he was such a kind and amazing person. We will miss him every day. (BoredNerdyGames & PrincessTeaPee)

[This is a link to an emotional video tribute (posted by 'Kal' - quote #1 & 3) - Skip to the 9.15 min mark.]

 Tribute # i 01 - 'Reality-Crunch Memorial' by 'Dragon Valius'.. (click for full size)

'Reality-Crunch Funeral' by Dragon Valius

 "You were a once in a life time hero. Rest in peace Ash." (Dragon Valius)

Farewell Reality_Crunch by Thomas Morgan

"Farewell Reality_Crunch" by Thomas Morgan. (alberach01)

Some images from Ashleys 'OutBox' (destination unknown?)
Note.. Click each image to see it full size..


i 02.


i 03.


i 04.


i 05.


i 06.

Bye! - from a young Ashley

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NEWS updates..

Our family is totally blown away by the generosity and the deep sentiments expressed by so many of his 'on-line' friends!
It always grieved me that such a bright light was trapped in a small room! I even said some angry things to the God he trusted..
He said he had "a few" on-line 'close friends' - and I was grateful for that..
I never knew there were hundreds of you guys! I am deeply pleased that he was a bright light far beyond his small room!
(and I have now apologized to 'the God he trusted')
Thanks again..

Click here for the video we played at Ashleys funeral..