Encouraging Children to the Arts.

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In the movies, whenever we humans try to explain to the alien Terminator that we are a 'higher life-form' and worthy to be spared extermination, we resort to the Arts..
We explain that we can create great Poems and Symphonies and 'Mona Lisas' and marble 'Davids'..
The Terminator seems to value these things and therefore spares our planet..
But do we, as the majority of humans who CAN'T produce any of the above works of art, value those who can??

Those who can are usually doomed to poverty! We pay our footballers very well to butt heads and bruise each other! But - we pay our artists (who just saved the planet from extermination) almost nothing!

How has it become "The Norm" that our children with strong artistic abilities who choose to follow that 'calling' are usually condemned to a life of poverty? And are chastised for making a "poor career choice!"

Because Art is such a valued component of our National culture, it is obvious that our children need to be exposed to as many artistic works as possible but, as a nation, we see no need to sponsor artists.
That is equivalent to a Nation wanting Olympic Gold Medals - but never providing any funding for training!

Throughout history, Artists, Poets, Story tellers and local Musicians have struggled financially.
The nation should encourage them and provide affordable (or free) academies for their development. We should provide venues for the presentation of their work and, where they can receive financial reward for their skills.

As a nation, we readily build and sponsor football facilities and hire coaches for our school children. We should do the same for our young artists.

Some Art works created by the staff at 'Classic-Edu'..

The ceramic 'GBS Dragon' mascot. by Michelle. (5ft long) (click for full-size)

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The Painting of a Tree-Boa, also by Michelle Faldt..

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