About Us - at 'Classic-Edu'.com

The 'Classic-Edu' OnLine Education projects.

We are a small 'non-profit' collection of Authors, Academics, Scientists, Doctors and Business managers.
Since the 1950s, our primary efforts have revolved around community Youth Support. We have subsequently added programs for youth mentoring, parent education and support of the handicapped.
Most of our writers are retired college lecturers.
The primary focus of this web-site is re-education in the core values and skills of a strong, sustainable society.
We believe that our western societies are in danger of collapse.
We believe the key to reversing ANY bad trend is education of the children (which naturally requires a re-education of their parents.)

One famous quote: "We did not inherit this planet from our parents! We have it 'On Loan' from our Children!"
Most parents are painfully aware of the terrible legacy we are leaving for our children..
(decimated fish stocks, decimated top-soil, decimated wildlife species, decimated forests, pollution, rising oceans and a global debt crisis that will even plague our grand-kids!)
Most parents are truly seeking answers and solutions to these nightmares.. To that end, this site is our opera (plural of opus.)
We have always been a small, under-funded group because, like the Gesundheit Institute (Patch Adams), Doctors and industry specialists who will work for the disadvantaged (free of charge) are hard to find, and hard to keep.

If you are an author or academic of note, and could write a one to three page article that would assist parents or community leaders to educate our children - you are most welcome to send us a summary via the 'Contact Us' page.

This site is about 30% finished - most articles are a work-in-progress..
Expert Review is most welcome. (see 'Contact Us' form.)