Education in the 'Classics' ?

The term 'Classic' refers to "Of great value, for all time".
It implies something of value that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Classic Cars are engineering masterpieces of great value that can be passed Father to Son.
Classic Music like Handels 'Ombra Mai Fu' has been in the worlds 'Top 100' for 200 years!
The great Stone Masons produce classic works that will be appreciated for 1000 years!

Each generation would reach far greater heights if they were bequeathed all the 'great things' of the previous 6 generations. E.g. the great ideas, skills, crafts, methods and value sets. All these things take more than one generation to perfect, and therefore they will fade away over time if they are not treasured and passed on.

Much of todays education is towards 'High Tech' and its value has a very limited life span. Your 4 year course in I.T. and the vast amount of knowledge gained, could be totally useless in just 5 years!

Our concept of Classic Education is towards skill-sets that will be of great value for multiple generations and therefore, can be passed down from Grand-parents to children.
Many parents lament that todays youth do not value these 'classic' things and won't pursue them.. That's mainly because the parents didn't value them either. (until it was a little late!)
The critical time for children to automatically absorb these passions from their parents is age 1 to 6! After that, it's a much harder task.

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Our main aims and topics..

The articles on this site are written by a selection of educators and academics with a wide variety of expertise. These articles aim to educate the wider community and assist parents to instill within their children, a passion for these 'classic' skills, crafts and values.

Encouraging Children towards Classic Music.

Encouraging Children to the Arts.

When asked to explain why humans are 'special' we resort to the arts.. We proudly proclaim that "we" can create great Poems, Symphonies, 'Mona Lisas' and marble 'Davids'. Yet, if our son decides he wants to become an artist, the average parent will chastise him for making a 'poor career choice'!

Care of the Environment.

Personal Development.

Understanding the Threats to our 'Way of Life'.